2010 Beach-Clean-Up

Posted 03 October 2010

Better late then never (the rain last week was rather disheartening), a bunch of local people joined Utopia Magazine, Mision Tiburon, Adicoco and Terra Nostra for this fun and successful Beach-Cleanup!

Enthousiastic children with their parents and other voluntiers have achieved an incredible result:

Distance covered: 3 km/2 miles of beach.
Amount of Trash bags: 87
General Trash: 60 bags
Reciclable Trash: 27 bags
Total weight of collected trash: 1194,4 kg/ 2400 lb
Duration: 6 hours
N˚ of voluntiers: 150

Compositon of the collected Trash:

Plastic PET: 46,2 kg/ 92 lb
Plastic HDPE: 22,7 kg/ 46 lb
Aluminum: 16,9 kg/34 lb
Glass: 79,8 kg/160 lb
Reciclable paper: 36,4 kg/73 lb
Non reciclable trash: 831 kg/1662 lb
Tires: 67,3 kg/135 lb
Metals: 37,1 kg/74 lb
Other materials: 12 kg/24 lb

This is a great success, although it would be nicer to have collected 0 kg/lb of trash because there was none...but the newly painted Garbage Bins will certainly help to make this better! Before all remember: RE-DUCE, RE-USE, RE-CICLE!

Of course the Summer-Salt Dive Center was also part of it lending hands, a vehicule, bags and refreshments for the kids. And we got inspired to offer to all of our future divers a 5$ discount on any excursion in exchange of filling a garbage-bag with beach-trash (pick-up your bag at the dive shop) to make this a year round activity!

However, just look at the pictures about cleaning the beach, planting trees and especially the kids painting new Trash-Barrils for the Beach in Playas del Coco or check the full picture gallery at Facebook, look up Summer-Salt Dive Center and become a friend!

Load of Beach TrashTrash Barrils

Painting KidsPlanting a Tree