5 Years Already!!

Posted 08 September 2010

Time has passed fast! On September 1st, 2005, Sandra and I started officially as the new owners of the Summer-Salt Dive Center!

5 years full of excitement, hard work, deceptions, enthousiasme and frustrations to reach a successful dream come true! And all this thanks to our employees, travel agencies and before all You, the divers and students who have EXPLORED and DISCOVERED, LEARNED and SHARED with us over these years!

Some 20 years ago a Costarican diver, Mario Vargas, started the adventure as one of the Pioneers of diving in the Gulf of Papagayo. He put a lot of energy into his passion without ever really making a living out of it due to a lack of tourism in the area. All which is left of his efforts is a great collection of filmed marine life, showing some species that you will hardly see these days anymore.

Mario sold the dive center some years ago to a young energetic French Instructor who continued to run the dive center on his own. Changings in the growing tourism branch with permits, restrictions and other official regulations as well as stricter immigration laws that he could not follow up with and finally forced him to abandon his project and leave Costa Rica.

The new owners, a Norvegian/Australian couple, continued with good intentions to get everything in order but struggled with ever lasting burocracie to get their permits. When their son was born, they decided to raise him back home and left a nice Dive Center with a new image and name that also had become a registered PADI Dive Resort!

It took yet another change to reach what the Summer-Salt Dive Center is today! When we came in, our main concern was to first bring all the legal work to an end. After about 6 months of backs and forewards of tons of papers, sticks in our wheels and stones in our way, we finally were aproved by the Costarrican Board of Tourism (ICT) and got our permit from the Ministery of Health to operate 100% legally.

From there, the last to intervene was YOU, the divers who have trusted our dive center, apreciated our service, shared our passion and helped us to gently grow over the years. Thanks to you, we have doubled our capacity - keeping our concept of a small family dive center - improved our infrasturcture with new compressors, rental gear, an additonal boat, and many other conveniences such as our new shop that we entered this year!

A great thanks to you all for this great 5 year experience! PURA VIDA ;-D!

Your team of the Summer-Salt Dive Center, Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica