Care for the Ocean

Posted 23 June 2011

Most people talk about what should be done to save the world´s oceans, our most important natural resource providing us with oxygen and food. If they die, we will, too!

The Festival del Oceano, held in Playas del Coco by a wide asociation of concerned organizations and businesses, has decided to give priority to action! Over 3 days, specialists have visited schools to inform the future generations about what is happening and how to change the course of things. Projections of scientific documentaries informed a widely interested community about the problems we are creating and who´s consequences we´ll have to face very soon if humans do not drastically change their behaviour.

All events suggested practical, understandable and easy to apply solutions for everybody to help make a difference: reduce pollution, consume less and spread the word!

A big Beach-Clean-Up ended the Festival: While kids were painting new trash-barrils for the village, volunteers cleaned the beach of Playas del Coco and divers seeked the ocean-bottom for trash. Disappointingly little garbage was collected compared to previous clean-ups, but this turned out to be good news! The several year efforts of education and sensibilisation has led to less pollution!

Thanks to all the participants and check-out the video of the event on or some photos on