Happy Divers in Turtle-Season!

Posted 18 September 2011

Every year I forget what makes visitor-numbers to Costa Rica drop drastically during the Rainy-Season. And then I remember that it's the word "Rainy", not the amount of rain actually falling in Guanacaste during it's daily tropical showers (that's something nobody knows about), no, it's just the word "Rainy".

There is a wide-spread missunderstanding of this term: there is always rain in any tropical country around the world even if it's not "rainy"-season! In Costa Rica we call the 2 seasons Winter and Summer. Imagine if in temperate countries nobody would go ski anymore only because this is done in the freezing-cold and snowy season, a pretty "scary" idea to me ;-D! The climatic caracteristics of a season are exactly what makes you do something you can't do in another season.

Besides that there is very little rainfall in Guanacaste even during the rainy-season, there are many reasons to visit Costa Rica exactly during this period of the year:

World famous sea-turtle "arribadas" (mass-arrivings of nesting turtles) can be observed along the coast of Guanacaste's Nicoya Peninsula. A fantastic experience not only to observe the exhausting efforts of turtles that land on the beach, dig their nest in the sand, lay their eggs and then crawl back to the sea where many more are waiting for their tour. It's also an impressive example of human interaction with these prehistoric animals who's eggs are harvested by the local communities under strict control and in exchange prodect and accompany the hatching turtle-babies on their short but dangerous race from the nest into the ocean from where they will come back many years later to lay their own eggs. As shocking as this sometimes might appear, statistics over years show, that there are many more baby turtles surviving their predators (sun, dogs, vultures, ect.) on their first moments after their birth.

"I would like to sea the Jungle!" or "Take us to the Rain-Forest!" are request that I hear quite often. Why is nobody scared away of a Rain-Forest but only from Rainy-Season? This is actually the best time to experience the lushest, densest and greenest forests and to actually understand why they are the way they are because of the rain.

Rain is life and we enjoy both! So there is no reason for us to stop diving during this season, especially since the diving conditions in Guanacaste are not influenced by the rain as there are no big river run-offs along the North-Pacific coast of Costa Rica! Come see the Rain-Forest, say hello to the sea-turtles and have some fun on a boat trip with Summer-Salt!

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