Pure Diving Adventures

Posted 04 June 2011

The busy Easter Week has passed and as every year, just when the diving conditions get better, we get into a calmer season until July...But there's no reason for us to take a break and this year we are leading innovation again and finally managed to realize what has so far been our greatest and purest diving adventure we can imagine in the Gulf of Papagayo:

It's been a project ever since we dive the Bat Islands. The dream has been just as strong to Brook, one of our faithful friends from our local diving community, who has launched the idea again. Thanks to her enthousiasm and to our comitment and openness for adventures, we finally spent our first diving-weekend camping out at the ranger station of the Bat Islands!

The diving was great as usual: Mantas, Bull-Sharks and great schools of fish! But this time we made the most of the adventure and explored some new spots presenting lots of marine life and perfectly suitable for divers without any experince! So in the future, for this over-night adventure there are most likely no experience restrictions anymore!

But the cool part was the camping at the ranger station of the Santa Rosa National Park, located on one of the Islans that is part of the famous Bat's, located in a perfectly sheltered bay with cristal clear water. Climbing on top of the highest point of the Island - about 100m above sea-level - lets you experience one of the most beautiful and serein sunsets you can imagine. Before falling asleep to the gentle sound of the waves and wind, the campfire just makes you wish that this will continue forever...

Well, just check out the pictures on facebook and if you want to be informed about other projects, offers and fun then profit to "like" the Summer-Salt Dive Center! And don't forget to inquire in case this adventure inspires you! We have different ways how to do this from a basic self organized to a luxury all-inclusive package.