Swimming with Dolphins

Posted 29 September 2011

Wow, yes, this sounds fantastic, a dream come true!

It started with a trip to the Bats, an excursion that we are asked to do regularly because of the good chance to dive with the impressive Bull-Sharks! A chance, not a guarantee...

Well, and what had to happen some day, did happen: we did not see a single shark for the first time this year since April! Of course that was a deception as much for the divers who so badly wanted to see them as for the guides who so badly wanted to show the sharks to the divers...

Wondering about the reasons of their absence like water temperature and visibility, day-time, weather conditions and possible migrational movements, the boat was gently moving into an enormous, really huge group of Pantropical Spotted Dolphins. Hundreds of them who immediately approached the boat and escorted us by the dozens, criss-crossing and jumping all around the boat! Scared of an impact with so many of them, we stopped the boat and just let them continue circling around us... an experience too tempting to resist! We give it a try and slide gently in the water with fins, mask and...cameras!

Before sharing this with you, remember to not have that much expectations, just enjoy what you have, that's the costarrican Pura Vida and the Summer-Salt way of exploring the Gulf of Papagayo where you will never be deceived ;-D!

Now join us with the Dolphins!