Time flies and we dive!

Posted 05 April 2011

We haven't seen the last week of the year passing and Easter is already knocking on the door! Tha "Semana Santa" will be hot in every sense!

While ever hotter days with white-blazing skies in the after-noons announce the end of the dry season and everybody is waiting for the first rains to turn the landscapes turn green again, we are looking forward to warmer and clearer water with its seasonal changes in marine fauna to give us the so apreciated variety of diving in the Gulf of Papagayo that keeps us diving!

The Semana Santa (starting Saturday, April 16, through Monday, April 25 (Easter Monday), will be hot day and night with loads of Ticos making their pilgrimage to Playas del Coco, one of the most popular party-beaches during costarrican holidays! If you want to join this fun-week, make sure you get your accommodation now!

Here's still a little resume of what happened in 2011 until now:

Student Divers have kept us busy in in our comitment to teaching. Alberto and Joan have successfully finished their Dive Master Training, congratulations to both! They have done a great job and were challenged assisting more courses and doing many more dives than actually needed! Nevertheless John and Rachel have come back to us after 2 years, when we introduced them to diving with their Open Water Certification! Now they are heading for the Dive Master and have been joined by Isabelle to follow our philosophy of being in permanent teaching mode which profits students as much as certified divers!

Certified divers have been spoiled by some very exceptional conditions at the beginning of the year: If stronger winds - as every year - kept the visibility and water temperature somewhat lower, the Manta season literally stroke the coast during several weeks in February with Manta Rays not only at the off-shore Islands, but right here, just a few minutes boat ride away on our local dive sites where we were diving with them every day...At the same time there was an exceptional amount of Humpback-Whale sightings during the months of January through March to enhance many of our boat excursions in the Gulf of Papagayo!

Don't wait any longer! We live great adventures every day and would love to have you participate, get in touch today and find out what will be on!