Diving bLog

The Bats at its best!

Posted 24 May 2010

Finally! It's time again to start our trips to the famous Bat Islands (Islas Murcielagos) that we've all been waiting for!

And HOW! This last Thursday Jack from Holland, Werner from Germany and Patrick with Valerie from France were the lucky ones to have joined this exceptional trip together with Sylvain and me!

I had to wait a couple of days, because without images you would not believe what we've seen:

With a hint from the coast guards, we changed the plan and decided to dive "Big Scare 2" first. From the first moment in the water, huge Manta Rays would start circling around us, up to 4 or 5 at the same time until there was no more air left to enjoy this spectacular show!

For the second dive we stayed in the same area at "Big Scare 1" hoping for more. And there was more! This time not only Mantas kept aproaching us but also the massive Bull-Sharks were part of the spectacle. At some times we had Mantas hovering above us and Bulls cruising by below!

But watch yourself! Thanks to Jack's filming (and hopefully soon some pictures from Patrick and Valerie) on his 3rd attempt to see the sharks, you can enjoy this unique experience of some of the best Manta Diving the Pacific has to offer right now at home and in your office...What are you waiting for to get out there and come see by yourself!

Jack's back!

Posted 13 May 2010

Jack and Daphne from Holland are visiting us again! Ever since the beginning they have been diving with us and followed the changings and development of the Summer-Salt Dive Center. Several times they took friends with them and it's always been a great pleasure diving with Jack and Daphne (only when it's warmer than 27C...;-D). But what is more important is the great filming Jack is doing each time, reminding us of how beautiful it is here to dive and encouraging us to continue, and continue, and continue....

Have a look at this incredible Harlequin Shrimp filmed yesterday, May 15th, at the dive site of Tiburones!

Or just have a look at their first two days of diving in Playas del Coco last week with us! I can't believe I've been waving at the camela like an idiot :-), but just don't pay attention...

I'm sure there is more to come in the next days! Tomorrow I'll take them to the Catalinas...Check us again!

A new website

Posted 02 May 2010

Summer Salt has launched a new website! With the help of Drupal, a great open source CMS, we've launched a new website to help better serve our customers. We've got plenty of great ideas in store for the future, but for now you can enjoy more great pictures, better descriptions of all of our services, and easy to find information about our rates and diving excursions.

We'd love to hear any comments that you might have, so feel free to get in touch. Make sure and check back often for the latest additions and updates!