SCUBA Diving Costa Rica

We offer dive trips to local destinations as well as the Catalina- and Bat Islands.  As member of the 'Aggressor Fleet' we are also an authorized reseller for trips to the famous Coco Islands.

Check out the possibilities on the following pages!

To make sure everything will be perfect for you, here are some answers to the most frequent questions:

What to bring?

We are a full service PADI Dive Resort which means we can offer you everything it takes to go dive starting with full gear, breathing air-fillings, dive equipped boats and professional guides! But it will be helpful to us and maybe more convenient for you to bring some things along:

- Dive Certification Card: to take you dive, we will need a prove for dive training, no matter if it's with PADI, SSI, CMAS, NAUI or any other recognized dive organization. If for some reason you have forgotten or lost your card, we can only check PADI certifications on-line and it will be a pleasure to order a new one if needed for a replacement fee.

- Log-book: for certain dive trips or certification courses we need to know about your experiences. We will ask you to pass a refresher course for divers who have not been diving for more than a year.

- Dive gear: In case you come to Costa Rica exclusively to dive, it might be worth it to bring along your own equipment. Check with your flight company about extra charges for additional sports gear and make your figures. We will take professional care of your gear during your whole stay with us. We rent full 3mm wet-suits which are fine all year round but if you get cold quickly or plan to dive over several days you might consider to bring a full 5mm wet-suit. Remember we only have int. tank-connections, if you happen to dive with a DIN first stage don't forgett your adaptor.

- Referral Forms: In case you plan to use your stay with us to complete a dive course, don't forget to bring the filled out forms with signature and member number of your dive center at home. In case you have chosen to start your course with PADI e-learning, just print your results or send them to us by e-mail.

When to come diving?

The Summer-Salt Dive Center is operating all year round, 365 days to explore the Gulf of Papagayo! Seasonal changings add to the variety of marine life during the year and it's interesting to dive at any moment of the year! For those who define "good diving" as diving in clear (>15m/45ft), calm and warm water (>25C/80F), the best time to come is from April to September. This is also the time to visit the famous Bat Islands and dive with the Bull-Sharks. For those who don't worry about lower viz (<15m/45ft) and water-temperature (<25C/80F), they will be rewarded with a generally richer marine life from November through to April when the Manta Rays visit the Catalina Islands.

But from diver to diver: isn't any day good for diving anyway?