Dive Trips to the Bat Islands

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Costa Rica does not only offer virgin rainforest, fascinating volcanoes and pristine beaches but also an overwhelming world of undersea wildlife.
The Bat Islands, or Islas Murcielagos, are probably the most exciting place to observe the under-water-world of Costa Rica! Situated about 30 miles/45 km north-west of Playas del Coco, at the most outward tip of the Santa Rosa Nation Park, it will take you just a bit more than an hours to get there through the open sea with our fast boats. This trip is often accompanied by schools of dolphins, mating turtles and occasionally whales. The exposed location of these islands guarantees an abundant variety of sea wildlife which is hardly to be found somewhere else. For some reason - unexplored up to now - the  Bat Islands are a melting pot of very different undersea wildlife and fish that usually do not occur together. Nowhere else the chances are better to encounter hunting pelagic fish and cetaceans. Dolphins, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo or even a majestic sailfish and schools of huge yellowfin or big eye tuna are just a few species that you usually just see on TV!
Visibility is about 18 to 100 ft/6 to 30m and strong currents and waves have to be expected once in a while. But you will be highly recompensed by a spectacle that does not allow even one minute of boredom: huge schools of snappers, grunts, eagle- and occasional manta-rays. Turtles and jacks are awaiting the diver as well as an immense variety of other tropical fish and reef wildlife. But the real highlight are the regular encounters with bull-sharks, up to 12ft/3.5m long!