Dive Trips to the Catalina Islands

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The Catalina Islands – an archipelago of about 20 rocky outcroppings and islands - are situated about 30 km/20 miles south of Playas del Coco.

Our boat will take you there in less than an hour! Like all off-shore Islands, the dive sites have a different topography with steeper slopes or walls, greater depths (over 100ft/30m) and are often exposed to strong currents. The visibility is often better than close to shore and can range from 35 to 90 ft/12 to 30m.

Due to the conditions, more sea fans and soft coral are present on the rocks than on the local dive sites. Due to rougher conditions, the Catalina Islands are non anchored dives, thus reserved for more experienced divers, used to drift and deep dives, whose particular diving techniques are easy to learn with our diving Instructors in an Advanced Course.

The Catalinas are best known for their gigantic schools of fish, including hundreds of devil or cow nose rays, schooling big eye-, blue spotted- or pacific crevalle jacks and many other big pelagic fish, approaching this offshore sea mounts for hunting or to visit a cleaning station. Although hammerhead sharks have been seen here, they are not common, however, you will have the exciting opportunity to encounter the huge manta rays  (12 to 20 ft/4 to 7 m wide!) visiting the area during the months of November through to May.