Coco Islands

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Looking for the ultimate adventure, an exploration trip to one of the most remote places in the world, to a pearl of nature like only Commandant Cousteau has done it before?
This is what you can experience on a live-aboard trip to the Coco Islands, one of the numerous costa rican national parks and a UNESCO world heritage site. This largest uninhabited Island covered with lush tropical rain-forest pierces the surface of the Pacific Ocean 550 km away from the coast, right in the middle of nowhere!
Situated in a “strategic” position of interacting, large oceanic currents, it has become one of the world's most famous dive destinations for its breath taking encounters with big pelagic species in massive amounts like Hammerhead-, Silky- but also all kinds of Reef-Sharks, Manta- and other rays, tuna and even Whale-Sharks are not uncommon. The many species of whales and dolphins will accompany your 35 hour ride out in the blue...
Because it is our objective to offer you only the best, you can experience this live-time adventure through us with the highest standards of safety and comfort! Contact us for availability and rates.