The Diving Team of the Summer-Salt Dive Center

All our staff is highly professional, outgoing and sociable for loads of fun and - of course - we are all instructed in Emergency First Aid to provide all the safety it takes to make your diving holyday a fun experience! We are all certified divers to best anticipate your needs and wishes as well as to take professional care of you and your gear. We know what you are looking for and talking about.

Our Dive Masters know all the dive sites like their pockets. Being at least bilingual, they will make you feel immediately comfortable in these new waters and show you all the highlights and hidden secrets. Get contaminated by their passion for the under-water-world! They love diving and have a great sense for their responsibilities, all YOU do is just to enjoy.

Our PADI Instructors will lead you through the dive sites as smoothly as they will guide you through the courses. Teaching is our passion, it is our objective to provide you with the best possible learning environment to not only transmit you the theory and practice of diving but also the relaxed, environmentally conscious life-style of adventure and discovery.

Our captains turn every boat excursion into a pleasant adventure. Having years of experience in any condition of the ocean, they won’t miss a Dolphin or a Whale during your surface interval and of course they know all the hidden places along the coast to turn your trip in a complete, impressive experience.

Sandra and Patrick Odermatt from Switzerland are the owners and operators of the Summer-Salt Dive Center. We share years of experience with SCUBA diving, and a passion for the underwater world. We have both traveled and worked in many different and exciting locations around the world together with our daughter Lynn. We have chosen Costa Rica to install our Dive Center because of its huge biodiversity in and outside the water as well as for the quality of life that this beautiful country provides us and to everybody, who is visiting Costa Rica.