Whale- and Dolphin-Watching

It is without doubt that Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.Humpback Whale Calve Over 25 species or a third of all existing cetaceans (large aquatic mammals) can be sighted in our Pacific waters!

These include Blue Whales – the largest animal ever alive on earth -, Sperm whales – the biggest toothed whale -, Killer whales – with their cruel reputation – and many smaller, schooling whales and dolphins that are permanent residents of Costa Rica.

Breaching Humpback WhaleHere you have the longest season of humpback whales in the world as they migrate from both the northern and the southern hemispheres to mate and breed. The southern humpbacks from Antarctica arrive late July and stay until early November. Their cousins from the North are here from October through to April. This creates a unique overlapping period during the months of October and November and raises your chances of seeing them interact.

In the fabulous surrounding of Costa Rica's Pacific coast, it’s always worth a try to study and learn more about these enormous creatures or just to be amazed by their beauty and elegance…Join us for another life-time experience!