Snorkeling is like a hike thorugh the Ocean! It's easy for every age and in just a few minutes we make sure you'll be comfortable in the water to discover a whole other world without having to go through special training before using diving gear and explore the under-water world!

Our professional and knowledgeable guides will eliminate the mysteries of free-diving and they will have a lot to show and explain you. It's incredible what amount of life is filling the water! You will never see more species of animals in such a short time and we already know that you will love this as many of our guests got fascinated by this experience to end up doing a full diving certification!

As a snorkeler you can either join one of our daily dive-excursions and explore the two sites with your separate snorkeling guide from the surface - of course we will chose places with interesting shallow parts to explore - or you can bring your pary on a special snorkeling trip to leave in the morning or in the after-noon where we will take you to some more specific places just for snorkeling.

Snorkeling gear is included in all of our boat excursions to make more out of your trip adding an extra experience to your vacation!