Dreming of a sunny day, sitting in the shade of a beach almond tree, letting the sand trickle over your skin and listening to the gentle waves rolling on the beach while you stare out in the wide ocean without anybody else far around...?

It's not a dream! Along the coast of the Papagayo Gulf, we can take you with our boats to many different and secluded beaches to spend a couple of hours with your friends and family, just like in paradise! This is your chance to get away from everything and only  enjoy a moment of life!

With about 1000km/650miles of shore line, Costa Rica's Pacific Coast is well known by bach vacationers alike! You will find the finest beaches along the Nicoya Peninsula, on Guanacastes North Pacific Coast. If many of them are more and more taken by tourists, there are still a lot of beaches along the coast that you can have for your own as they are difficult to access from land.

From Playa Naranjo in the Santa Rosa National Park where you have the famous surf of Whiche's Rock up in the North all the way down South to Playa Guacamaya passing by our favourite beaches of Playa Huevos, Playa Blanca, Playa Nancite, Playa Iguanita and Penqua you can chose from dozens of other little beaches with clear white or brown sand to stop by, visit and have some fun on!

Work on your sun tan, leave a track of your foot-prints walking along the beach or take some time to observe all the wildlife around in the air, on land and in the water! Even if you're looking for just nothing to empty your head and simply breathe the pleasant sea-brease, there won't be time to be bored...