Why dive with the Summer-Salt Dive Center

Comparing prices is normal, you want quick information to compare and chose your dive operator. Indeed, the dive sites are the same, the visibility, water temperature, marine life will all be the same who ever you dive with! But maybe you are more picky, then take a minute to find out more details about us!

Of course we believe we do better than anybody else ;-D, but this is a list of diver's feed-backs that really make us different and add up to the value:

  • The transparency: Our prices simply are what they say! There is no hidden cost like credit card commissions, sales taxes, national park fees...
  • The location: We are most conveniently located in the center of Playas del Coco just a few steps (100m/yards) from the beach where our excursions leave from
  • The service: We offer all our excursions and courses in your language (English, Spanish, French, German) to make you feel comfortable away from home, no matter what your diving background is
  • The extra fun: As if the diving was not enough, we will enhance your excursion with visits to secluded beaches or a Whale- and Dolphin-watching tour between the dives
  • The variation: Unless you require it, we will not make you dive twice on the same dive spot to reduce diver's impact on the marine life and give you a different excursion every day
  • The comfort: We will pick you up and dropp you off at most surrounding beaches at no extra cost on our fast and comfortable boats
  • The time: There are only two limits to your dives: your air consumption and no-decompression limits, besides this you'll dive as long as you can
  • The food: Drinking is important when you are diving, we'll make sure you get something you like with a variety of soft-drinks, fruit and other snacks
  • The accessibility: We will take you to the Catalina Islands with a minimum of only 2 divers and to the Bat Islands with only 3 divers on our boats

Why we mention only these points? Because it's the diver's appreciations and all other factors are standard with most dive operators:

  • Professional, friendly and knowledgeable PADI certified dive guides and instructors
  • Full safety- and emergency-pack for all dive trips (Emergency Oxygen, VHF radio, cell phone, First Aid Kit, Life Jackets, ect.)
  • Recent and well maintained renal gear
  • Diving in small groups for more pleasure and safety with no more than 10 divers (including 2 guides) on the boat
  • Long time experience in the area for best recommendations and evaluations of the diving conditions
  • Professional care of your and our diving gear including transportation to and from the boat, setting up, rinsing, storeing, ect.
  • Environmentally conscious by organizing and participating on beach clean-ups, building and maintaining moorings, ect

Any special request? We'll be happy to make your stay unforgettable!

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