Bajo Negro

Bajo Negro or Black rock as it is also known, is a dive site renound for having huge quantities of fish.  This dive site can be dived to below 40m.  Get ready to enjoy a parade of huge fish, rays and sometimes sharks. Here you can find intricate and beautiful black corals, harlequin clown shrimp and maybe even mantas.

Big Scare

Big Scare is the place to see bull sharks in Costa Rica.  This dive site reaches depths of over 40m.  The remoteness of this site and its location in the Santa Rosa National park mean that an exceptional variety of life can be found at this dive site.  Large fish such as yellow fin tuna, sailfish and marlin can be sighted, whilst a lucky few may see mantas or even whale sharks.


This dive site was given the name Arcos, meaning arches, because of the fantastic topography of this dive site, which has a number of arches above and below the water, which can be dived through.  The remarkable rock formations here make dives extremely interesting, and this of course is complimented by fantastic marine life.

Dive Trips to the Bat Islands

Costa Rica does not only offer virgin rainforest, fascinating volcanoes and pristine beaches but also an overwhelming world of undersea wildlife.