Cours Emergency First Response

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Emergency First Response

The Emergency First Response Course (EFR) is the only non-diving course on your way to the Rescue Diver or Dive Master certification. But it's not less exciting if you think of the importance of being able to help other divers or even other people in your every-day life when you find yourself in an emergency situation! This course is great value for your confidence when you find out that you can actually help and know how to!

    •    Why Emergency First Response? 
The EFR Course - or any equal certification of less than 2 years ago - is mandatory education to obtain your Rescue Diver and Dive Master certification. But besides the diver specific training you'll obtain, it gives you very usefull information and practice for you every-day life to learn how to handle emergencies and can therefore be used for other training or qualifications like obtaining your drivers licence.
    •    What do I need to?
    ◦    Everybody can enrole in this course!
    ◦    Motivation to make a difference and some imagination as we will not roll over some poor pedestrian to get you a patient to practice on...:-D!
    •    What will I do? The EFR course takes you through the theory and practice of Primary Care - from Scene assessment over Adult CPR to the treatment of life threatening conditions like a choking adult, serious bleeding, shock or spinal injuries - and Secondary Care which teaches you to assist injured patients by offering first aid and support while waiting for Emergency Medical Service. The course also includes the use of Emergency Oxygen (for divers only) and the Automated External Defibrilator. No, you won't become a paramedic, but you will make the difference between life and death!
    •    How long will it take? As all courses that we teach, the Emergency First Response course is performance- and not time-based and depends on the size of the group and your ability meet the objectives. Usually it will take you 2 full days!
    •    What's the price? The course includes the EFR study manual with knowledge reviews, a qualified EFR Instructor to follow the program with you, all medical material needed for practicing and of course your certification in the end. 125$ is just a symbolic participation for this very usefull certificate!
For more detailed information feel free to visit the Emergency First Response web-page or inquire with us!