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What you'll see?

You can expect to see wide variety and "big things" in each and every diving in Guanacaste underwater.


Costa Rica's underwater wonders range from coastal rock formations to offshore islands, small canyons, sunken boats, rock pinnacles, rocky reefs, coral reefs and extensive sand platforms.
Those varied dive spots contain diverse marine life that includes giant manta rays, timid sea turtles, colorful angel fish, intricate coral formations, psychedelic sea slugs, spiny puffer fish, delicate sea fans, curious dolphins and, on rare occasions, whales. It is also an excellent place to learn scuba diving where certification courses can be completed in less than a week.

Diving off the coast of Playas del Coco offers an experience rich in marine life. Graceful eagle rays glide past like butterflies. Southern stingrays circle and swoop while energetic devil rays dart and hop.
Close up encounters with reef sharks are very common and let every heart beat faster! And when you look out for the “big scare”, join us for a trip to the Bat Islands and visit the famous bull sharks.



Spectacular manta rays seasonally visit the famous Catalina Islands. Turtles can be seen both gliding underwater and pausing at the surface. Various species of moray eels slip and slide between the rocky crevices.

Octopus display their colors while sea horses sway on their attachments. Whale sharks occasionally cruise by on nutrient rich currents and of course, there are numerous fish. Some in small groups and some in large encompassing schools. Some big, some small, some bright and some camouflaged like the fascinating Frogfish.

Also, to enhance the diving experience, we won’t miss an occasion to play around with dolphins and meet humpback whales and false killer whales from the boat during the surface interval or on one of our special Whale-Watching tours.



Due to the emergence of nutrients from the bottom and the richness of microscopic life, the visibility in the area can be quite inconsistent (ranging from 15 to 80 feet).  In some periods, on any given day it may be very clear while the next day you may find yourself swimming in a microorganism broth.  Nevertheless, even with low visibility, the high concentration of life provides for an outstanding experience, full of sightings and close encounters, from the minuscule to the monumental.



Summer-Salt Dive Center is a full service dive operator and member of the PADI International Resort and Retailer Association. 


We are in Playas del Coco, a coastal town famous as "the for diving" in Costa Rica.

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