PADI Dive Master Course

Dive Master Course

Become a professional Diver in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, with the PADI Dive Master Course.


Need a break, a new challenge, a different career or life? Then keep reading!


• Do you permanently blow into your straw while having a drink? Have you currently dressed up in your dive gear for your daily shower? Or do you plan a new dive trip every day at your office? Then you have to admit: You love diving and you’ve probably already considered of making Scuba diving a more important part of your life to share with others. It’s all just a simple decision away! Let’s do it!

• When you chose to follow a professional training as a PADI Dive Master you’ll get the satisfaction of pursuing and achieving personal challenges, get a mind refreshing break from whatever you’ve done before, you’ll become a model to many other divers and you’ll do what might become a new career in the future!

• At the Summer-Salt Dive Center we’ve all gone through this process and never regretted our decision to get change our lives. We’ll be happy to welcome you at our team to accompany and advise you on your first professional dive training.  

Course Technical Information


Course FAQs


How does it work?


• Acquire profound theory knowledge supported by study Manuals, Encyclopedia, Videos and Instructor advise

• Perfect your diving skills to a demonstration level during real-time pool sessions

• Become an admired leader on real-time dive excursions

• Challenge your stamina skills

• Permanent professional supervision for maximum advice


What’s included?


• Full rental dive gear for the pool and ocean dives and your personal DM Crew Pack with all printed support

• As many dive excursions as needed to complete a minimum of 60 logged dives

• Direct supervision of a PADI Scuba Instructor

• Your certification and member fees for the current year

• Maybe a new life!


What will I do?



• Through personal and assisted studying you’ll reach a level far beyond the average diver’s knowledge

• You will be exposed to real divers that you’ll be in charge of, in the pool and in the Ocean

• Lots of dives with lots of responsibilities (backed by your Instructor)



Can I do it?


• Everybody at the legal age of 18 or older with reasonable health and fitness can enroll

• A recognized Firs Aid/Secondary Care with CPR is required

• An equal training to the PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver are required

• A medical check-up has to be undertaken with your doctor and might indicate a contraindication for diving



Course prices and packages

$600.00 each PADI Dive Master Course


Dive Master Certification with Internship at Summer Salt:  $ 400  • Dive Master + eLearning w/Internship: $ 600 

Dive Master Certification without internship:  $1100   /  D.M.+ eLearning: $ 1300   

Include all taxes, fees and charges. Internships are subject to availability and must be arranged with at least 1 month in advance.


Why should I do the PADI Dive Master Certification in Costa Rica?

• The Dive Master training is rewarded with a professional certificate that will allow you to work as a Dive Guide all around the world! Therefore, it lasts at least a month. So what nicer idea than spending this time in a fantastic tropical country as is Costa Rica? You will be amazed and will live a tropical adventure, meeting new people and a different culture! Why not combine it with some Spanish classes?

• Don’t need to be convinced? Get started right now clicking on the following e-Learning link for more information and then head on to PADI's e-Learning web-page to begin with Adventures in Diving!