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PADI Dive Master Course

PADI Dive Master Course
$400.00 each
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When you chose to follow a professional training as a PADI Dive Master you’ll get the satisfaction of pursuing and achieving personal challenges, get a mind refreshing break from whatever you’ve done before, you’ll become a model to many other divers and you’ll do what might become a new career in the future!

At the Summer-Salt Dive Center we’ve all gone through this process and never regretted our decision to get change our lives. We’ll be happy to welcome you at our team to accompany and advise you on your first professional dive training.  

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Summer-Salt Dive Center is a full service dive operator and member of the PADI International Resort and Retailer Association. 


We are in Playas del Coco, a coastal town famous as "the for diving" in Costa Rica.

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