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Refresh your Dive Training in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

So you’ve been on a diving break? There are hundreds of bad excuses to not go dive, but there are many more reasons to go again! Think of all those sensations, adventures and wildlife that you miss just there and reachable without effort! If you haven’t been diving for over a year, it’s about time to refresh your memories. At the Summer-Salt dive center we’ll make sure you can get back into the water safely and ejoyable, for you and your dive buddies, to get the best out of your dives as if you’ve been diving just yesterday!


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Choose and book below your 2 or 3 tanks diving tour around local islands near Playas del Coco in Costa Rica. 

o ReActivate with pool only: 50$     o ReActivate with 1 Ocean Dive: 135$

o ReActivate with 2 Ocean Dives: 150$     o ReActivate Touch with pool only: 100$

o ReActivate Touch with 1 Ocean Dive: 185$     o ReActivate Touch with 2 Ocean Dives: 200$


$210.00 each PADI Reactivate
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So why should I do a Reactivate Diving Experience in Costa Rica?

• When you haven’t been diving for a long time (over a year), you automatically loose some of your diving abilities and the idea of getting back in the water might make you nervous. Diving is a relaxed activity that always adapts to the least experienced. However, at some point you might forget certain essentials and therefore compromise safety at the expense of other divers.

• At the Summer-Salt Dive Center we care about the well-being and safety of all divers and we will adapt to it in order to have every diver enjoy the dives that correspond to their experience and training level. • When participating at a ReActivate program, we can assure that you will enjoy the experience and make it one of your greatest memories during your visit to Costa Rica! 




Summer-Salt Dive Center is a full service dive operator and member of the PADI International Resort and Retailer Association. 


We are in Playas del Coco, a coastal town famous as "the for diving" in Costa Rica.

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